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Shipping advice

Incoming Shipping:

We can receive all forms of shipping.

Request a Signature: When shipping items of value, we recommend that you
                            request a signature on our end so that they won't leave it at our front
                            door if we are not here.

Address: Please call us at  303-745-9422  for our address.

We do not publish our address for security reasons.

Note: We DO NOT recommend shipping by postal insured (unless you request a signature) because it is the form of shipping most likely to be stolen.

Outgoing Shipping:

We ship to our customers using Federal Express or US Postal services.

We will ship by COD unless we have been paid prior to shipping unless you have

established an account with us.

Federal Express - We are located very close to a Fed X office so shipping by Fed X is very convenient for us.

3 Day Ground - Our preferred form of shipping these days is 3 day ground, unless the item is needed faster. 3 Day is very reliable and fairly inexpensive. Normally $10 or $11. And often they deliver it in 2 days.

Overnight - If the item is needed urgently, we can ship by next day Priority or Standard afternoon delivery to save a few dollars.

Your Account # - We use Fed X On-line shipping. If you provide us with your company account number, we put that in the Fed X web site and your account will be billed for the shipping and shipping will not be billed on your gem cutting invoice. Doing it this way results in more accurate billing charges and we don't have to guess at how much Fed X will be charging us for the shipping.

US Postal - I tend to avoid shipping by postal these days because of the need to wait in line and also their shipping charges are higher than Fed X or UPS. But I can do so if the circumstance requires it.

Registered mail- Registered shipping is probably the safest form of shipping. The drawback is, it is expensive and it is hard to tell exactly when it will be delivered. Sometimes they take nearly 2 weeks.

Postal Express - Postal Express saves a few dollars over Fed X but is not as reliable than Fed X. Some jewelers' insurace will cover the item if shipped by Postal Express so we will ship by that method if asked to do so.

Postal Insured - I seldom ship by Postal Insured anymore becasue, if a package gets lost (they have lost 4 of mine in 25 years), I can't file a claim until more than 30 days passes. And it is very unpredictable as to when the package will arrive.

Postal First Class - I sometimes use First Class for items which are very inexpensive and which do not need to arrive in a timely manner.

U P S - We do not normally ship by UPS because it is not very convenient for us. If a circumstance requires it, then we can do so.


Denton Anderson,
Gemologist & Gem Cutter
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Graduate Gemologist, GIA, GG
Over 20 years of experience.