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Company Policies on our Pricing, Rush Services, etc.

Labor Charges: We base our charges on an estimation of the time required to perform the work.

In-Shop Estimates: We will give estimates on work to be performed when ever possible. We understand the need on your part to have an estimate of the cost of the work so that you can quote your customer a price.
When we receive a piece, if we can tell from past experience with how long it will take to perform the work we will give you a fixed price.
If the nature of the project is rather unique, which makes the amount of time required rather uncertain, we will give a price range as an estimate. I.e. $200 to 300. We may also give either a price minimum and or a price maximum.

Email Estimates: Email is also a good way to send sketches or digital photos. You can Email us now.

Fax Estimates
In cases where we do not have the piece of jewelry or gemstone here to look at, it is advisable to send us a fax (469-361-3271) with the best drawing possible of the project.

Live Internet Video
We use Skype video technology which enables you to show us your project in real time and for us to show you materials etc.

Telephone Estimates
When it is not possible to send the piece nor to e mail or fax a picture and only a telephone estimate is possible, we will do our best to give you a very rough estimate of what it may cost based upon your description of the project. 

* Unfortunately, due to the fact that the project may be considerably different than the original description once it arrives here, we cannot stand by prices that were quoted over the telephone.
If the new price is sufficiently different from the telephone quote to make in too expensive to proceed, then the project will be shipped back to the customer. We are not obligated to perform work based upon a price quoted over the telephone.
This is also true for estimates based on faxes and e mails. 

We will stand by prices quoted for projects that are in our possession when the estimate is given.

Rush Services:
We will perform rush services for you whenever possible.

Depending on our workload at the time and other factors an extra charge for rush service may be assessed.

Materials: We will use your materials if you are able to provide them. We try to maintain a stock of various materials to meet your needs. If our materials are needed for your project the cost of the materials is added to the labor charge.

Tools: If the nature of the project is such that certain tools may be completely worn out or used up in the process of completing your project then an additional charge for tools is added to the cost of labor.


Denton Anderson,
Gemologist & Gem Cutter
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Photo of Denton the gem cutter.

Graduate Gemologist, GIA, GG
Over 20 years of experience.