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Gemstone Inlaying Service

Picture of Denton inlaying.

We can do all types of inlays from very simple to very complex.

We love working with inlay and have specialized in doing gemstone inlays for 25 years.

This page lists the various types of inlay work we have done for jewelers over the years, including repair and replacement.

Each of the sections below connects to a gallery of photo examples of every type of inlay we can do for you.

For an estimate on your inlay project, contact us at  303-745-9422 or Email us.

Simple Inlays

Picture of a Lapis inlay ring.

See Examples of simple Inlays we have done ...

We can do every different kind of simple inlay for you.

See some examples of the inlays we have done on our Simple Inlays page.

Complex Inlays

Picture of a complex inlay.

See Examples of Complex Inlays we have done . . .

Many jewelry designers around the country have challenged us over the years to do some very complex inlays. Our Complex Inlays page shows numerous examples of past projects.

Composite Inlays

Picture of ring inlaid with 2 different mateirials.

Composite Inlays are inlays using more 2 or more different types of gem materials.

See Examples of Composite Inlays we have done . . .

Opal Inlays

Picture of ring inlaid with Opal.

Composite Inlays are inlays using more 2 or more different types of gem materials.

See Examples of Opal Inlays we have done . . .

360° Inlays

Picture of a ring inlais 360 degrees around the band.

We can inlay ring bands 360° around with only 2 seams joining the 2 inlays.

See Examples of 360° Inlays we have done . . .

Inlays with Holes

Picture of a ring inlaid which has holes in it.

After inlaying a ring we can also drill holes in the inlay.

See Examples of jewelry we have Inlaid and
have also drilled holes in the inlay . . .

Carved Inlays

Picture of an inlay that is carved.

We can also carve inlays for added character and design value.

See Examples of Carved Inlays we have done . . .

Faceted Inlays

Photo of a faceted inlay.

We are also able to facet inlays.

See Examples of Faceted Inlays we have done . . .

Repairing of Inlays

Photo of an inlay which needs to be repaired.

We can repair all types of inlays for you.

See Examples of Inlays we have Repaired . . .


Denton Anderson,
Gemologist & Gem Cutter
click photo for Video

Photo of Denton the gem cutter.

Graduate Gemologist, GIA, GG
Over 20 years of experience.