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We cut a new syn Citrine carving to repair this bracelet

A jeweler in Atlanta, Georgia sent us this bracelet which had a broken synthetic Citrine. They needed a new one cut to match it.

We are able to order the synthetic Citrine material from one of our synthetic suppliers and carve it to match.

Photo of a bracelet with a broken synthetic Citrine carving.

Broken synthetic Citrine carving

You can see the large chip out of the synthetic Citrine carving in this bracelet.

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The jeweler's customer wanted this repaired because the bracelet is valued at $17,000. And, it is a beautiful bracelet!

Photo of a block of synthetic Citrine rough material.

Rough synthetic Citrine

This is the block of synthetic Citrine rough material which we received from our supplier.

This material is made by the hydrothermal process. It is a very nice material to work with and is a good option when natural material is hard to come by and the customer is ok with a material that is not natural. It is still Citrine, but is man-made.

Photo of our carver carving the synthetic Citrine to fit the bracelet.

Carving and fitting the piece

Here you can see the carver working on fitting the piece of synthetic Citrine into the bracelet.

The piece needs to be carved in 2 directions. First, it needs to be carved with scalloped edges to fit against the sides with the diamond pave'. And the top of the Citrine has long dished sections which also need to be properly shaped.

Photo shows one of the synthetic Amethyst carvings from the same bracelet with a chip in it.

Repaired a synthetic Amethyst

One of the pieces of synthetic Amethyst in the bracelet was also chipped

We repaired this also by re-shaping it.

The jeweler also asked us to re-glue all of the pieces in the bracelet while we were working on the piece. Not all of the pieces fit perfectly so we make some adjustments, while we are at it, to help the pieces to fit 'better'.

Photo shows a side view of the finished braclet.

The finished bracelet now repaired

This is the finished bracelet. All of the pieces are now re-glued and the new synthetic Citrine carving matches the other one.

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Denton Anderson,
Gemologist & Gem Cutter
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Photo of Denton the gem cutter.

Graduate Gemologist, GIA, GG
Over 20 years of experience.