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I re-polished this 19 carat fine quality Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl

One of the top gem dealers in the country sent me this high quality Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl which had several chips and scratches in the surface. He didn't want to sell it in that condition.

He asked me to re-surface the stone to remove the chips and scratches and at the same time to remove any irregularities in the surface and shape in order to make it a very nicely shaped cabochon. And of course, to do this while removing a minimum amount of weight. This is always a goal of mine.

When I received the stone it weighed 19.57 carats. When I finished, it weighed 19.07 carats. I was pleased that it lost only .50 ct considering the depth of the pits and scratches on a stone of that size.

The dealer estimated the value of this stone to be appx. $25,000.

Below, you will see photos and description of the process of re-polishing this gemstone.


Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl before re-polishing

You can see the pits, chips, and scratches in the surface of this very nice Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye.

This is one of the nicest Cat's Eye Chrysoberyls I have seen in years.

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Sanding the surface of the stone

I am using a special pad to very slowly remove the pits and scratches.


Checking my progress

I continually examine the surface of the stone to see how I am progressing.

At the same time that I am taking down the surface to get 'under' the pits, I am making sure that the overall surface of the stone is becoming more even and without irregularities.


Almost finished

I have now removed all of the pits and scratches and the surface is nice and smoothly shaped.

I am not focusing and placing a high polish onto the stone.

The Chrysoberyl cat's eye which has a nice polish. The Chrysoberyl cat's eye which has been repaired.

Finished !

The stone is now finished and has a nice smooth cabochon surface with a high polish.

The process reduced the weight of the stone by only .50 ct and it now weighs 19.07 carats.

If you have any questions about a cat's eye which you may need re-cut or re-polished, feel free to contact me.

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Denton Anderson,
Gemologist & Gem Cutter
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Photo of Denton the gem cutter.

Graduate Gemologist, GIA, GG
Over 20 years of experience.