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Rhodochrosite rough material

Rhodochrosite has grown in popularity in the past several years due to its beautiful pink color.

Rhodochrosite is found in may parts of the world from Argentina to Norway and also here in Colorado. It is among the suite of minerals that are associated with silver mining. Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate.

Because is a rather soft stone and therefore the owner should take care when wearing it. Another mineral which is closely related to Rhodochroite is Rhodonite. It is a manganese silicate.

Rhodochrosite comes in a variety of color patterns. Some have wavy stips and yet others have bull's-eyes. This can make for a great conversation piece.

Rhodochrosite rough slab

Rhodochrosite rough slab

This is a classic example of Rhodochrosite with the wavy bands of light pink.

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Rhodochrosite rough slab

Rhodochrosite cabochon

This is a Rhodochrosite cabochon which has been cut from a slab like the one above.

Rhodochrosite rough slab

Bright reddish Rhodochrosite cabochon

This is a very nice dark pink or reddish Rhodochrosite cabochon which is also very translucent.

Rhodochrosite rough slab

Rhodochrosite slab with bull's-eyes

This slab of Rhodochrosite has some bull's-eye type patterns in it.

Rhodochrosite rough slab

Rhodochrosite rough slab with pattern

This small slab of Rhodochrosite is a light pink with an interesting pattern.

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