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Red Jasper rough material

A nice bright red is a color that nature doesn't like to produce very much of. When I am at gem shows I am continually keeping my eyes open for red materials, because I frequently get calls for red materials.

Jasper is a form of Chalcedony. See our Chalcedony page for a description of what Chalcedony is.

Below you will see a variety of examples of red Jasper materials which we have in stock.

Red Jasper rough material

Red Jasper rough material

The piece to the left is a good hard piece of Jasper. This piece works very well for inlay.

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You can see that there is some texture and patterning in this material.

Red Jasper rough slab

Mookite red Jasper rough slab

This is a slab of a type of material which is known as Mookite.

You will see that this is a very dark and maroon colored material.

If this is a shade of red which will work for your needs, please let us know and we can use it for your project.

Slab of Red Jasper rough material

Orangy Red Jasper rough slab

This is red Jasper has more of an orangy color. It is a bit less hard than the 2 pieces shown above but it is still a nice hard material which works very well for inlay.

Slab of Red Jasper rough

Mexican Red Jasper with Cuprite

This is a rough slab of Mexican Red Jasper which is colored by Cuprite (contains copper).

This particular type of red Jasper comes from only 1 place in the world, in Mexico. The supply is limited.

It is a good hard material with an orangy-red color which works very well for inlay or cabochons.

We could also cut pieces from the green area on the lower left if you are interested in that color.

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