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Jadeite rough material

Jadeite is a good gem material which has been used for thousands of years.

Jade is the 'toughest' of all gem materials. There are many stories of Jade carvings being dropped on the floor without breaking. I don't recommend doing that, because small parts of the carving 'could' break.

Jadeite comes in every color except blue. Some of the green Jadeite is colored by chromium and makes an emerald-like green which is highly valued.

Jadeite is a great material for cabochons, inlays, and carvings.

This page shows a few example of Jadeite material which we have in stock. We will be adding more examples as we get time.

Green Jadeite rough material

Green Jadeite rough material

This is a nice green Jadeite with just a bit of pattern or mottling and a very small amount of translucency. I have inlaid this in a few rings and it makes for very nice inlays.

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Light green Jadeite rough material

Light green Jadeite rough

This is a very light green piece of Jadeite shaped like a hockey puck. You can see that a piece has been cut from it.

Lavendar Jadeite rough material

Lavendar Jadeite rough material

This lavendar Jadeite material which we have is very light in color. It is on my list to acquire some darker pieces in the event someone request it.

Yellow Jadeite rough material

Yellow Jadeite rough material

This is a piece of yellowish Jadeite material that I have in stock.

Yellow Jadeite rough material

Pink Jadeite rough material

This is a piece of pink Jadeite material that I have in stock.

Orangy colored Jadeite rough material

Orangy Jadeite rough material

This is a small piece of orangy colored Jadeite rough which I have. I plan to acquire more colors and shades of this material for use in cutting jobs.

Brownish colored Jadeite rough material

Brownish Jadeite rough material

This is a carving of brownish Jadeite material which we have. We bought this to use as rough. If you want it as is, that is ok. But if you want us to cut it into something which meets your needs, we can do that too.

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