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Amber rough material

Amber is basically petrified ancient tree sap. Because of that, it is a pretty soft material.

The age of the Amber and the degree of petrification can vary and because of that the hardness of Amber can vary a bit. It is never really 'hard' but some of it can be softer than others.

If your Amber gets scratches in it, it is soft that you can re-polish it yourself by rubbing it on your jeans for several minutes.

Yellow amber rough material.

Yellow rough Amber

The most common Amber is the yellow Amber.

It can vary in shade of yellow.

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Sometimes Amber has insects trapped in it from thousands of years ago. Having insects increases the value of the Amber, especially if they are nicely preserved.

Yellow amber rough material.

Compressed Amber

Compressed Amber is made from chips of Amber which have been melted and compressed. That is why it has a cloudy look.

It is not considered to be natural material.

Yellow amber rough material.

Red Amber

Amber can also be red.

Some red Amber is natural and some is treated to produce the red color.

Yellow amber rough material.

Dark Red Amber

This shows dark red Amber.

We keep a few pieces in stock.

Yellow amber rough material.

Dark Red Amber

It is important to be aware that the red coloration in red Amber is usually only on the surface. Sometimes the color layer if very thin and sometimes it is pretty thick.

This photo shows a piece I have which has a fairly thick layer of coloration.

When I cut a piece like this I need to orient it so that the color appears even when the piece is finished.

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