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We inlaid Lapis initials into this pipe

Someone who had a piple with initials crudely carved into the side contacted us to see if we could inlay the initials with their Lapis material.

After they emailed us photos of their pipe and their Lapis material, we determined that we could probably do the job for them.

Photo of a wooden smoking pipe with initials carved into the side.

Customer's pipe for smoking

This is the piple which the client sent to us to inlay the initials with their Lapis.

An arrow telling users to click on the photo to make it larger.

A closeup shot of the initials in the side of their wooden pipe.

Closeup of the initials

This is a closer view of the way the initials were when the pipe arrived in our shop.

Photo shows how we re-carved the initials to make them straighter.

Touching up the inlay channels

Here you can see what the initials looked like after we finished straightening and cleaning up the channels to prep them to be inlaid.

Photo of some pale blue Lapis rough material.

Customer's rough Lapis material

This is the Lapis rough material which the customer provided us to inlay. They wanted their own material to be used for the inlay.

This photo shows a closeup of the finished inlay of Lapis.

Closeup of the finished inlay

If you click on the photo you will see a closeup of the finished inaly.

As you can see, there is a little bit of gapping, which we always try to avoid, but considering that wood is a much more difficult material to inlay into than is metal, we felt this was the best we could do with what we were working with.

And the customer was very happy with the final result, which is the most important part.

Shows a photo of the entire pipe which is now finished.

Finished pipe with Lapis inlay

Another view of the finished pipe.

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Denton Anderson,
Gemologist & Gem Cutter
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Photo of Denton the gem cutter.

Graduate Gemologist, GIA, GG
Over 20 years of experience.