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White Coral rough material

If someone is looking for a white gem material, white Coral can be a good option.

White Coral is harder to come by than it was years ago. It never came in large sizes because Coral grows in 'branches', similar to a plant, and the branches are never very wide. This is why white Coral never comes in cabs which are very large.

White Coral has gotten more scarce in the past few years due in part to years of harvesting and also from some restrictions due to environmental concerns. Coral is not really a 'gem' material because coral is basically an organic material. It is more of a bone than it is a stone. Coral commonly has 'worm holes' which are caused by the little Coral organisms.

White Coral is rather soft and scratches easily. Jewelers; you can re-polish Coral yourself with Zam on your rag buff. Don't use too much pressure or you could spot burn the surface.

Red Coral rough material

White Coral rough materials

Here are some examples of some white Coral rough material we have in stock.

An arrow telling users to click on the photo to make it larger.

The round cab is a pretty large piece for white Coral.

The rough piece on the right has some spotting of very light pink here and there.

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