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Jasper rough material

Jasper is a term which describes various forms of Chalcedony (Jasper is Chalcedony) which do not fit into other categories of Chalcedony such as Agate, Carnelian or Chrysoprase etc.. See our Chalcedony page for a complete description of what Chalcedony is.

3 small slabs of Bruneau Jasper rough.

Bruneau Jasper rough materials

Bruneau Jasper is a Jasper which has a combination of brown and also a cream color which is distributed in the form of swirls which sometimes can look like hills.

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It is a good hard material which takes a very high polish.

A slab of red Mookite Jasper rough.

Mookite Jasper rough materials

Mookite Jasper is a special form of jasper which has reds, yellows, and tan colors.

A rough chunk of Butterscotch Jasper rough.

Butterscotch colored Jasper rough materials

This is a form of Jasper which is Butterscotch colored.

A rough chunk of Butterscotch Jasper rough viewed up close. A rough chunk of Butterscotch Jasper rough viewed up close.

This is another form of Butterscotch colored
Jasper rough material

The top photo shows a large chunk of Butterscotch colored Jasper that I have.

The loower photo shows a closeup of the same piece. You can see that it has a nice rich color and is also very hard which means it will take a very nice polish.

A slab of red Mookite Jasper rough.

Jasper rough materials

I will be adding photos of examples of Jasper shortly.

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